Several reviews about the work of The Question of Funding and the lumbung have raised questions of their own over the course of documenta fifteen and following the first chapter in Kassel.

أثارت العديد من المراجعات حول عمل "مسألة التمويل" والـLumbung أسئلة عدّة خلال دوكومنتا ١٥ وبعد الفصل الأول في مدينة كاسل.

They may return from Kassel, if anything, with renewed clarity of purpose.”  — in the New York Times  “Who Really Holds Power in the Artworld?” — in Art Review  The question is: how do we practice it? And how do we practice it outside of the art world?” — in Art and Education  “Still, let’s “make friends, not art.”” — in Hyperallergic “Collectives are often born out of necessity.” — in Art Agenda How are certain political projects practiced through funding processes?” — in Jewish Currents “The overall effect is rhizomatic.”—  in Art Agenda Who will decide what the value is? What will be the products that will be circulated?” — in Berlin Art Link “Is Art Rooted in Life?”— in Flash Art  The choice to participate, or to withdraw, is a gesture open to critique like any other.”— in Outland 'How can you capture a feeling?'”— in Ocula